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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Recipes & Tips 


Creative ideas for your meals and wellness tips to make it easier for you to lead a healthy life. 

HealthNut Nutrition & Wellness Consultants PA


is a company whose goal is to enhance the quality of medical attention that patients receive by providing nutrition and wellness education to patients while encouraging them to, along with their physician, become more involved in the treatment and care of their disease, as well as, promotion of their well-being.

Our intention is to provide support to the medical team, striving to prevent the progression of their patient's disease and its complications, in turn, improving the outcomes of the medical team.  We help them reach the full potential for patient care.



Medical Nutrition Therapy


This includes nutrition therapy for any disease specific needs, including prevention of primary or secondary disease complications, such as those resulting from diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

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